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What is Miissenger?
Miissenger is social networking website offering Wii admirers an user-friendly place to exchange Wii codes.

By adding your friends' Wii codes to your Wii addressbook you will enable your Mii's ability to "mingle". You and your friends' Miis will be able to visit each other's Mii Plazas and form Mii Parades.
What is a Wii?
The Wii is the latest video game console by Nintendo. It features advanced technology in its wireless motion-sensing controllers to provide users an unique and fresh game interface experience. Wikipedia: Wii
What is a Mii?
A Mii is a 3D avatar or caricature of a person that can be created through the Mii Channel on the Wii. The avatar can be selected and then used in certain Wii games.
Where is my Wii code?
Your unique Wii code can be found by going to your Wii Message Board > Write new message > Address book.

Your code looks like this: 1234 - 5678 - 9012 - 3456
How do I send messages from my Wii?
You can exchange messages freely once you have exchanged Wii codes with your friend and both added each other to your addressbooks.

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